Trackless Steps

The sound when calling your name
your impression, my vision,
are but one, and the same.

Trackless steps on pavement streets
washed by unnumberable tears
flowing, towards time and eternity.

Shimmering shadows within the pavement
solemn reflections that spin a timeless dance
on the rain drenched streets.

Steal and glass syringe shinning tempest 
who nods in sweet dreams that pass
ever so slowly in immortal bliss.

Distant and obscure as a speeding commit
draped in perpetual darkness scattering
starlight that shimmer in the falling snow.

​​The melting spoon, dripping dreams
into the cauldron that cup of sorrows
overflowing with wasted tears of woe.

The spectators, whose dreams fall like the leaves of autumn in a whimsical dance of death consumed by curiosity.

The void, the total sum of the universe 
a vision in a windowless wall weeping
Oh, blessed knight on the road to infinty.

Poetry By Anthony Russomanno
Poetry By Anthony Russomanno