Poetry By Anthony Russomanno

When looking back at life's experience and consider all the people I've known and the time spent together on this road we call life. I see all relationships as comets passing through the eternal universe. We pass by one another for a time never knowing our orbital path or the duration of our time together. Sometimes our orbits parallel and our journey spans a lifetime then we journey with some for only a short time, or pass them by without ever knowing. The Miracle happens when we listen with our heart to the sounds and feelings of every soul we encounter. Then and only then can we transcend the world and understand tranquility.
Ode to a Stone

Oh thou cold and lonely place.
Where stones resemble a
loved one’s face.

Where the reading of a name
awakens a memory and pain.

Many tears have touched thy face.
How many thoughts does thou embrace?

Is thy ground still damp from tears
and sorrows lasting?

And when mine fall upon thy rocky face;
Oh! I wonder how they’ll taste?

Can thou tell them from the rain?
Or shall my tears fall forever,
in silent harmony with the pouring rain.