Last night I sat before an inspiration never expecting more than just another show a spectacular integration of ART and man unfolded before me.

When someone experiences Art your opinion and emotions are separate from the Artist your interpretation is somewhatslanted by your experience, but not always what the artist intended.

But last evening before me stood a crusty old man and his Art fused into a beat banging drumming on a buoy a rusted old channel marker, a wrecking ball a topsy turve jiving Manikin upside down and black-in-blue.

Sounds grooving hip-hop be-bop the most outrageous inspiring moment jangled dangling banging a spiral staircase ascended a chicken wire tunnel filled the likes of Hollywood Tinseltown shimmering junk jangled Intertwined inside-out and upside down.

Figurine man his element everything everywhere being bong bang jazz; jazz artist beat whose hands played a melody on paper he out tapped the Rapper, flabbergasted the audience and danced before the jazz band.

Flickering motion picture apart but not missing the essential part ART. Exceeding the expectation beyond creating art on the fly creating Art with a beat a bong and a bang. Spinning spiral Staircase to nowhere but everywhere, on the stage Its shadow spun a web of symmetrical forms.

Before you stood the artist the personification of what? ART!Paper plates stamped with L0Vi, 7evens 777evens. Can you get your head around what happened well it just happened over and over again we were drawn into the moment.

The artist drew dreams in the mind where art and creativity begin he is the Innovator, integrator, indispensable G.H. Sculptor artist inspiring moments stretched the imagination vacuum. There on stage stood one of the most famous artists playing in the minds in a night in the life of a bunch of nobodies.

He created that special magic where laughter and clapping became joy forgotten in the history of life. Where could a person sit and have Art flung at them, like a Frisbee. So gracious a man to hand out Art on a plate go have you fill; eat till your hearts content. Art signed sealed and delivered but never forgotten.

This is the cost of admission to the scene. Give up your what? Not for nothing for something. He demonstrated it's not what you call art but what is not art, that's art. What's done and what's not done is left to those who do.

Pick up the pieces and look; life is a folly of moments strung together from beginning to end embracing death in the end but is it the end or the beginning. Imagine every experience, every moment filled with creativity, thought tinkering with your surroundings mining the depth of you soul.

The masses will never own a piece of art from a famous artist everything we get is just a copy but never a thing of real value. This evening those who asked received a very special piece of the artist his special moment his stamp of approval his signature on the back of a plate it was more that an expression of love it was his attention, his heart, his work, his dream shared became our reality in the now.


Tony Russomanno

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